June 17 – 22, 2018
Westminster Woods
Occidental, CA

Rotarians at the 2015 RYLA BBQ

1. Please notify me (Lee Reposa) as to how many students you plan to send by March 10, 2018. Each student that you sponsor will cost your club $600. Please send the registration fee payable to Rotary District 5130 to Barbara Barney Treasurer, Rotary District 5130, P.O. Box 1535, Sebastopol, CA 95473.  All fees should be in my May 11, 2018.The RYLA District Committee needs to have your registration fee to pay certain expenses that occur before camp so please make sure your checks are mailed.

All student forms including the Camper Registration Form, Health History Doctors Certification and Minors Waiver RYLA form should be submitted by May 15th.

2. Contact the local High School administrators/counselors and ask for a list of potential students, usually more than you will send). You may want to select the students from you local Interact Club. These should be: Completing their Junior year in high school, have a good, character, a reasonable scholastic record and a willingness to commit themselves to attend the week long program. Children of Rotarians are eligible. Continuation H.S. students should not be considered.

3. Plan to send the names of the students to Lee Reposa by May 15th. Please share this website, specifically the Students section, with your selectees. It is recommended that you send two students, one girl and one boy. However you are not limited to the number of students that you can sponsor.

4. Appoint a committee of Rotarians to interview and select candidates. Interviews are good learning experiences for students and Rotarians. The Rotary Club is responsible for processing and sending all registration forms to the students that you select. All registration forms can be downloaded from this website.

5. Be sure your candidate understands he/she is sponsored by your Rotary Club. Supply them with the name, address, and phone number of your local Camp RYLA Chairperson so when questions arise there is a source of local help.

6. All student information is available on this website, please share this website with your student(s).

7. Be sure that your candidates know when and where to catch the bus the schedule is under the Students section of this website. Appoint a Rotarian or a parent to be at the bus stop and see that they get on. The bus schedule is carefully planned and delays will interrupt the scheduled camp program. A copy of the bus Schedule will be sent to you well ahead of the camp dates.

8. Remember, all the information students need, such as what to bring to camp, where to catch the bus, etc. are in the Students section of this website.

9. CONTACT Lee Reposa at (707) 364-0388 OR   OR 525 Eagle Street., Petaluma, CA 94954 IF YOU NEED HELP! ! !


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